Fresh draught beer. Any place, any time.

    Experience real flavour

    Two-thirds of all beer drinkers prefer the flavour of draught beer to bottled beer. So it’s a great pity that in lots of restaurants and catering businesses, the flavour is very often not as brewers and drinkers would like it to be.
    Dispensing systems that are too big and consequently under-used, that have the wrong settings, insufficient hygiene and are operated by inexperienced bar staff leads to poor dispensing quality and a disappointing drink.

    so that beer tastes the way it should!

    smartDRAFT™ eliminates almost all risks: dispensing head pressure and cooler temperature are pre-set in accordance with customer specifications and optimally adjusted to each other. A new one-way beer line is delivered with each full KEG so that hygiene is no longer a lottery.

    smartDRAFT™ top quality guarantees pure enjoyment. Whether you use it as an alternative to an existing bar or as an additional dispensing point for special beers or trendy drinks, or even as a mobile bar for out-of-house events.
    Open up new market opportunities for your business by offering fresh draught beer in premium quality where, up to now, only bottles were available

    Components at a glance:

    smartDraft MINI
    smartDraft dispense system
    smartDRAFT dispense heads
    smartDRAFT dispense heads
    smartDRAFT beer lines
    smartDRAFT beer lines
    smartDRAFT KEG
    smartDRAFT KEG

    The benefits that make the difference

    For breweries, their customers in the restaurant and catering business and the retail trade and above all consumers, smartDRAFT™ offers a great range of convincing benefits.

    Flavour of the highest quality

    • Lastingly fresh draught beer flavour and best dispensing quality
    • Perfect drinking temperature, all the time
    • Perfect hygiene thanks to the one–way beer line
    • Integrated CO2 supply

    Modern marketing

    • High-quality, elegant design, fit for the finest restaurants
    • Ideal advertising space, direct access to customers
    • Premium quality increases sales and customer loyalty 

    Economical dispensing system

    • Ideal for smaller restaurants and catering businesses
    • Low investment costs compared to large dispensing systems
    • No cleaning required for beer lines and tap, no maintenance costs
    • No tapping wastage 
    • New sales potential due to mobile dispensing

    Download smartDRAFT brochure

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